When a person has more than one option and doesn’t know which one to select, a third person who has knowledge and expertise in that field helps him to choose the right option,and this is known as guidance. Guidance is listening to the problem, on which ready-made solution is given by the expert. It is the process of guiding, supervising or directing a person for a particular course of action. Guidance is all round assistance to an individual and so it is given to students, to employees, to business and to an individual,  helping them in the process of development.

As a  Guide we give an advice or a relevant piece of information to our clients to resolve a problem or to overcome from a difficulty. It assists the person in choosing the best alternative mostly in the areas of  education and career related issues. It is given in the mode of one to one or one to many

Guidance to students

When it is for students, it helps them in  choosing a course of study or career, work or preparing for vocation. So in order to guide a person in this process we need some basic inputs from the clients. They are grouped under Aptitude, Interests, Personality, Intelligence and Psychological health. These informations about the clients helps in providing right and suitable assistance.

At Beautiful Mind psychological counseling center, which runs under the Joyful Living Foundation, we obtain the above mentioned datas from our clients through psychometric tests and provide suitable guidance. In  Know Your Career program (KYCP), the inborn and acquired talent and intelligence assessment tests are done through dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test(fingerprint scanning) and psychometric tests for the students. We then have an one to one talk with the child and the parents and then with the results of the tests we counsel the right career path to them.

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